Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革


Build more schools, hire more teachers, pay teachers more now! Export teachers, scientists and engineers, not weapons. #BuildSchoolsNotJails. Federally, we can support tax initiatives on States to ensure that every child has the same right to a quality education. We can support tuition-free public college. We can support the repeal of the law that makes student loan debt non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. It is morally wrong to make students graduate with a large debt to get ahead.

We can also invest in trade high-schools and colleges, making them tuition free. Since education is essentially preparing future generations for the challenges to come, we must do our best to provide the best education possible. Jeff will advocate for any educational initiative that seeks to improve student outcomes. This includes promoting language and cultural exchanges. We can give our children more opportunities in the future by investing in second and third-language training and strengthening existing language teaching and learning opportunities in our district where our diversity is such an asset. We can promote educational policies that focus on creative and critical thinking so our children are ready for the future.