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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Kurzon for Congress and Jeff’s bid to be the next Representative from NY-7


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Jeff? Such a simple question, but unfortunately not a simple answer. Jeff is a Gemini and a Fire Dragon (born 1976).

  • When is the election? Tuesday, November 6, 2018

  • Why is Jeff running? Jeff wants to be proud of his country and believes many changes can be made to make our government of the people and for the people. He is privileged to be able to ask the residents of #NYCD7 for their votes.

  • Has Jeff run for office before? Yes, Jeff ran in the Democrat primaries in 2014 and 2016 against the incumbent. He lost both elections, but helped raise awareness of the corrupting influence of big money on our politics.

  • What is Jeff's ethnicity? Jeff is Armenian American from his father's side of the family (three of his eight great grandparents were from Armenia - Kizirbohosian, Yacubian and Semonian). From his father, he is also of Scottish descent (Foster). From his mother, Jeff is of English and Irish descent. According to 23andMe, Jeff is 16% Italian, part French, German, Ashkenazi, Southern European (including Spanish), Middle Eastern and North African. Jeff's grandfather changed the family name to Kurzon in 1928 from Kizirbohosian stating on his application to the Worcester Family Court that Kizirbohosian as a name was "unnecessarily long."

  • Is Jeff part of the LGBTQ+ community? Jeff stands in solidarity with members of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Why would Jeff be good for Congress? Jeff believes that our Congress should be working for the people, and not the big corporations, lobbyists and special interests. Jeff is a problem solver and wants to work with Democrats and Republicans to pass laws to improve our general welfare; for example, by creating a system of Medicare for All, ending our system of perpetual war, improving our education, improving and expanding our public housing stock (creating mixed-income housing) and passing common-sense gun safety regulation, among other things. Jeff understands practically everyone in our economy is getting squeezed and wants to make life better for all of us.

  • How has Jeff been involved with his community? Jeff has lived in NYC since 2003. He has volunteered with various organizations such as New York Cares and the Downtown Independent Democrats. Every winter since 2014 Jeff volunteers with the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue shelter program to provide meals and overnight shelter to persons without homes. Jeff volunteered with OccupySandy in 2012 after hurricane Sandy. Jeff was the organizer in 2007 and 2008 of NYC's largest grassroots groups in support of Barack Obama's campaign for President (ObamaNYC, now called Voterbook). Jeff has also supported and volunteered for numerous progressive political candidates.

  • What does Jeff do for a living? Jeff is a small business lawyer and for the last nine years has run a small law firm in Lower Manhattan that helps individuals and small businesses cut through red tape. After graduating law school in 2003, Jeff worked for a large international firm before starting his own firm.

  • How long has Jeff lived in the district? In NYC, the rent is too damn high so Jeff has moved around to try to get a better deal on housing (living in more than ten apartments over the last fifteen years)! For the past three and a half years Jeff has lived in the Lower East Side. Jeff lived for nearly two years in Bushwick (including 7 months under the J train!), two years in Little Italy and for almost a year in a sublet in Dumbo.

  • Why is Jeff refusing PAC money and lobbyist money? Jeff believes that politicians who take PAC and lobbyist money are conflicted in that they create a situation where the interests of their donors are misaligned with the interests of the constituents. Jeff believes that Congress should be working for the people, but now it is working for the big corporations, big banks and other special interest groups. This has to end and by electing Jeff, you are helping to take Congress back for the people.

  • Who is Jeff supporting for President in 2020? Jeff supports the founder of Venture for America, Democrat Andrew Yang.

  • What can I do to help Jeff win? Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Pledge your vote. Donate. Volunteer.

  • How does Jeff expect to win? Jeff will listen to the voters.

  • Is Jeff a Democrat? Yes, Jeff is currently registered as a Democrat but he has serious reservations about how the Democrats raise money from special interest groups, many if not most of which also donate to Republicans! In the past he has been registered as a Green Party member, as well as unaffiliated. His name will appear on the Reform Party of New York ballot line because the Reform Party of New York nominated him after a tie in their open primary this past June 26. That's synchronicity.

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