Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革

Food and Water Safety

Our government must make the 100% guaranty of clean drinking water for every person in the United States and strive to empower every country in the world to do the same for its citizens. We must also work harder to ensure that our food is safe. Coca-Cola and other soda manufacturers add harmful substances, e.g Red 40, and then give PAC contributions to politicians so these harmful substances stay in our food supply or the public is not properly informed. GMOs that contain glyphosate cause numerous health problems (including cancer and autism) but labeling laws are always blocked by reform efforts by special interests. This is wrong. We should have not only the best restaurants, cooks and bars in the world, we want a government to ensure the absolute safety of our food and water supply under the doctrine of precaution. This means not taking any unnecessary risks when it comes to our health and safety.