Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革


Just as it took bold imagination 70+ years ago to create public housing, we must now solve the multi-billion shortfall for capital improvements and repairs. If NYCHA were a private landlord, that landlord would be in jail. One tenant I know has spent months trying to get a broken and moldy wall repaired and she has kids living in this health disaster. It is a mass tort and shame on our community for NYCHA to provide unsafe home with lead paint on the walls. What we need to do is rebuild NYCHA with the goals of 1) improving the quality of living for all its current tenants (rapid repairs, increased maintenance) and 2) building new housing that is mixed income. Number two can pay for number one. The federal government can also provide NYCHA a bailout loan as it did for the Wall Street banks! When I am Representative, I will work to make sure that NYCHA gets the funding it needs.

Every day we see persons without homes sleeping in the subway, our parks or the streets. This is a shame and we can do something about it. Our federal government has the resources to guarantee everyone a home. We also need to invest more in social workers so as to help people get back on their feet. We can give people decent homes so they have a roof over their head, and then ask questions later. Housing is a human right and we are failing as a society with tens of thousands of people living in the streets or in temporary shelters with no place to go. This is especially sad given that many of these people without homes are children. We can change this.