Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革

Justice for Puerto Rico

Jeff traveled to Puerto Rico Tuesday, October 23 to October 26 to learn about the island and its people.

Puerto Rico’s well-being is directly tied to New York City’s and that of the United States. Faced with the crippling austerity planning of PROMESA and the aftershock of Maria, Puerto Rico needs massive federal assistance to build housing, schools and ensure clean drinking water. Increased capital spending will help the now high unemployment and lift people out of poverty.

  • Drastically increase federal aid to Puerto Rico. The Maria hurricane devastated the island. Federal agencies like FEMA gave less than half of what the island requested for its rebuilding and recovery efforts from a hurricane that killed over 3,000 people.

  • Amend the Jones Act to assist rather than hinder Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s unique geography make it necessary to import food, medicine and other consumables. The evidence the Jones Act in its current form is not working is the economic state of Puerto Rico where nearly half of its residents live in poverty. The 26-year incumbent member of Congress only advocated for a one year waiver of the Jones Act after Maria. Jeff Kurzon believes we need an immediate amendment so as to permanently lower the cost of goods being delivered to Puerto Rico.

  • Repeal PROMESA and allow Puerto Rico to file for bankruptcy in federal court. Puerto’s Debt is now unmanageable. The incumbent member of Congress voted for PROMESA. PROMESA favors the island’s creditors, is it any surprise that she funds her campaigns with donations from big bank Political Action Committees.

  • Stop the closure of schools and provide funding to re-open the schools that have closed post Maria

  • Provide federal support to rebuild the infrastructure necessary to guarantee clean drinking water for every resident of the island.

  • The federal government can create incentives for schools to participate in language and cultural exchange programs in Puerto Rico (including for students and teachers).

  • Universal basic income of $1,000 per month for every resident of the United States, and that includes Puerto Rico. A universal basic income for residents of Puerto Rico will help local economies flourish and help the island immensely.