Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革

Stop Endless War

America's imperialist actions around the world come at a high cost to our reputation and our wallets. Bring our loved troops home and train them in engineering, the arts, healthcare, etc. Rather than station our troops abroad, we need the Army to set up field hospitals in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. We went to Afghanistan how many years ago and for what purpose and what year is it now and what is the purpose and how much does it cost? Our loved veterans should also receive better healthcare and be given a Universal Basic Income as well. When you compare America’s military budget to other countries, you can understand why we are unable to guarantee housing and healthcare to all our citizens. We must rethink our priorities and build a peace economy, not a war economy. Companies that produce weapons give money through PACs and lobbyists to our politicians, and then they are silent on issues like this that really matter because they are paid to keep quiet.