Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革

Supporting Small Business

Big business buys access to Congress through their special interest PAC donations and lobbyists, so they get the big tax breaks instead of the moms and pops when the big businesses do not even pay a living wage to their workers. We must call out all phony politicians who pretend to work for the people, but then take special interest PAC money from banks and big corporations to the detriment of all for the benefit of the few.

We do not need a McDonald’s and a Chipotle on every block. We must support policies that favor creating small businesses and end all taxpayer subsidies to big businesses, which are bought through legalized bribery in the form of PAC and lobbyist donations. Jeff’s parents own a small business and he understands that burdensome regulations on “mom and pop” businesses do not help them flourish. The NY-7 incumbent takes money from Amazon’s PAC, which also donates to Republicans, so who do you think our Congress is currently working for? And what effect does that have on us and our well-being?