Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革

The Problem

Perhaps the root problem in the United States starts with how political campaigns are financed:

Incumbents in our Congress (both Democrat and Republican) take the majority of their campaign money from corporate political action committees (PACs) and other special interest PACs, together with lobbyists who are paid to push an agenda, usually for a for-profit big corporation. This money then controls our politics and policy and law, enabling corporate profit over our general welfare (we the people).  Life is so hard now for so many of us and there is so much poverty in our country and communities because our politicians and policies have valued shareholders over workers, profit over the environment and corruption over common sense.  The result is that we get members of Congress who are out-of-touch and have conflicted loyalties since they are paid to do the bidding of special interests that differ from what we want as citizens.

The incumbent in NYCD7 is a good person and shares many of the same values as we do, but she does not recognize that by taking corporate and bank PAC money and lobbyist money, she is enabling the very same problems she claims to be against. Just as it is a conflict of interest for her to serve on the House Financial Services Committee and take $10,000 bank PAC checks, many Republicans take similar checks from the National Rifle Association, preventing us from passing gun safety legislation. If lawmakers are conflicted like this, then we are blocked from making meaningful, real change.

When Jeff is your Representative in Congress, he will refuse all PAC and lobbyist money and work with you towards:

  • Publicly financed elections so as to end the corporate corruption on our politics

  • A bailout to rebuild and restore and maintain public housing (NYCHA)

  • Medicare for All, free public universities and trade schools, universal basic income and a $15 to $23 minimum wage

  • Helping artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, students, our children and our seniors

  • Ensuring the 100% safety of our food and water supplies and protecting our environment

  • Stopping the Military Industrial Complex and bringing our troops home

  • Straightforward and easy pathways to Citizenship and total amnesty for all non-U.S. citizens currently living in the United States

  • Protecting the rights, liberties and equality of all persons

  • Other common sense reforms to fight for justice and our general welfare. See more of Jeff's ideas here. Please share your feedback.