Real Reform / Reforma Real / 真正的改革

Universal Basic Income

$1,000 per Citizen, per month. How are we going to pay for this? Raising children, making art, domestic work, caring for the elderly and other activities is work that often goes unpaid; and this most negatively impacts women. So if you want to support women and women's rights and women's right to choose and to choice - you should definitely support UBI. With our changing economy and so many people living in poverty in our district, we must re-imagine what we we mean by work. Jeff will vote to pay everyone raising a child, who is an artist, student, domestic worker, or person caring for an elderly person be guaranteed this sum from the government. Everyone can get it as we are all working. For some people, just getting out of bed is work and that time getting to work is not paid! UBI would be a major step towards ending poverty and everyone receiving this payment is not restricted how much they can earn. We will pay for this with the benefits that a more equal society will bring us - better rights for women, food security for all our people and a flourishing of the arts, just to name a few examples. It will help alleviate poverty and curb the absolute and absurd wealth and income inequality that now exists in our district. Jeff supports Andrew Yang for President 2020 as this “Freedom Dividend” is the core of his platform. See